Sunday, February 12, 2006


The Repulic of Hyde Park Votes Simon

David Morton at The Republic of Hyde Park has voted and given his first preference to Simon. As he says we are making inroads into Labour territory, just ask Gordon Brown who his new MP is, and Simon is a natural in that sort of territory. As well as Simon being blood and guts campaigner even in 'dead areas'.

David was impressed enough by Chris Huhne to give his second preference but felt he was lacking in his presentational skills. A like a growing groundswell David was disappointed by Ming asnd is not impressed by the idea of a Ming regency.

So inclusion David said:

Electing Simon will throw a charismatic hand grenade into the middle of centre left politics. Unpredictable? yes, Chaotic? if I'm honest, yes. But if you look at the rotting putric corpse of a third term labour government and cameroons repackaging of "failed brand" toryism then a hand grenade is exactly whats needed.

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