Sunday, February 12, 2006


The Abbotts in Agreement for Simon

Following the Leeds Hustings last weekend both Chris and Glynis came out ready to give Simon their number 1 preferences.

Chris is the Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council of which Glynis is also a member.

Chris said about Simon's performance at the Leeds event:

Simon Hughes, I noticed, was clearly speaking from the heart. The scrap of paper in front of him had no more than about five words on it and he was word perfect. How do they do it?

Simon again said all the things I want to hear. Chris relied too heavily, once again, on his previous career as a journalist, clearly to make up for the lack of country-wide campaign experience.

"I am pleased to be back in Leeds said Simon" with the air of a man who clearly had campaigned there before. He then went on to list all the places in the north east and the West Riding of Yorkshire, that had elections this year, and pointed out that he had helped in all those areas.

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