Sunday, January 29, 2006


Rob Fenwick Supports Simon by Being Webmaster

Rob Fenwick is another blogger supporting Simon Hughes. His support came in the very practical way of establishing this version of Simon's leadership campaign site.

He said:

"I support Simon Hughes because I believe he ticks all the boxes. He is as comfortable taking on the Prime Minister at PMQs as he is rallying the Liberal Democrat troops at constituency dinners.

"He can walk down a street shaking hands and kissing babies as naturally as he buses activists around Southwark & Bermondsey in his yellow taxi. He can step straight out of chairing a Federal Executive meeting to deliver a first-rate media interview.

"Simon makes voters feel comfortable when they meet him. It’s easy to place your trust in him as a leader. He has the natural skills of leadership, without being aloof and Mingdescending. Sorry, sorry, condescending."

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