Sunday, January 29, 2006


James Thompson Reaffirmed Choice After Sky Debate

On the 16 January following the Sky News dabateJames Thompson posted:

The 4 leadeship candidates took part in a debate earlier this evening on Sky News and for me I found it very interesting. Whilst it re-affirmed my backing for Simon Hughes, it did leave me unsure as to where my second preference vote will go to. I was extremely impressed with all 4 candidates. Whoever wins the contest, I will be happy for them to lead my party.

Chris Huhne impressed me, I had never heard him speak before. But, I do think at the moment my second preference will be Mark Oaten. I was not happy with his views on the NHS, but I did admire his ambition for the party. we should stop all this talk of no glass ceilings and should be ambitious and confident that we can form a government. In the next election, lets try and get as many votes and as many seats as possible. Our priority in a general election, needs to be the general election. But I feel many people in our party are more obsessed with local election success than gaining credibilty as a national political force.

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